In Genshin there are two rarities of characters. 5 stars and 4 stars. Both of these types of characters can be obtained from what we call "wishing". This is, in a way similar to opening a pack of baseball cards, you don't know what you will get until you open, or in this case, wish for it. Wishes can be obtained through various means. These include primogems, which can be obtained from daily tasks, it takes 160 of these primogems to make a wish, you get 60 a day from daily tasks. You can get wishes from stardust and starglitter, both of which are obtained from wishing, regardless of the character you get. It takes 75 stardust to buy a wish, and it takes 5 starglitter to buy a wish. Then the final way to get a wish is to buy some with microtransactions. It takes ten wishes to get a guaranteed 4 star, and 90 to get a guaranteed 5 star. 5 stars are the highest rarity and quality in Genshin, they are the most powerful rarity as well. You have to wish for weapons as well as characters, there are three different banners at all times, the limited 5-star character banner, the limited 5-star weapon banner, and standard (for beginners there is a designated banner). The limited banners change every 14-20 days and the standard banner rarely ever changes. The point of wishing on these different banners is to get different weapons or characters.

Limited Banners

Standard Banner

Beginner Banner