Combat and Exploration

In Genshin Impact there are 7 elements. The elements are pyro, hydro, electro, dendro, cryo, geo, and anemo. Each of these elements has its elemental reaction with the other elements. Elemental reactions are when two elements combine, they usually deal more damage except for in geo's case where it has a defensive reaction. A character has two ways to use their element assigned to them, their skill or their burst. An elemental skill can be used with a cooldown, using an elemental skill will give you elemental orbs which will fill up the burst meter, when this burst meter is full, it will be ready to use. The elemental burst is a character's strongest attack at their disposal. Characters can either be mainly elemental skill-oriented, elemental burst oriented, or physical attack-oriented.

There are several aspects to Genshin's exploration. One of the obvious aspects is the gorgeous scenery, with three nations currently in the game there is a lot to explore. One not-so-obvious part of Genshin's exploration is the limited amount of chests in the world, some chests regenerate over time but the chests that don't regenerate are lost forever when you open them. To see all of your maps you have to unlock Archon Statues. These archon statues can serve as both points that you can teleport to and points that if you unlock they will open up parts of the map.